a holistic health GPS
to keep feeling good

Happiness & peace. Whether you found it or are looking for it, your holistic health is important. SOMOS combines tech, data, and community to help you along your journey. ✨
  • Do you want to feel better, but don't have the time/unsure of what to do?
  • You know what to do, but struggle with being consistent and motivated?
  • Want to improve yourself, but find it boring and lonesome?
  • You feel good already and want to stay that way?

It starts with a quick and easy check-in

Receive gentle reminders throughout your day. Log your current rating. Add moods, notes, and more.
It's relative and personal to you. A safe space.
Learn more about yourself
Discover behavioral patterns across your days, weeks, and months. Figure out what to reduce, start, and continue doing.
Personalized what to do, when, & how
Personalized to your (busy) schedule, lifestyle, and goals. Science-backed practices, many between 5-15 minutes. Actionable.
Keep feeling good via helpful nudges
Don't let a bad moment turn into a bad day. Feel better, when you're feeling down. Keep feeling great, when things are good.
Encouragement from your friends
Get accountability, encouragement, and support as you work on your holistic goals. Work on goals together, fun and communal.
Adapts to you

What's your starting point?

"I want to feel better, but I'm unsure of what to do, when and how."
"I have my routine/wellness practices, and I'm looking for something new and exciting."
"I want to improve alongside my friends and help the world along the way."
"I get it, this is important. I just don't have the time or energy."

Learn more about yourself

The analysis, visualization, and summary is automatically done for you.
With SOMOS, it's easier to discover behavioral patterns across your days, weeks, and months. Learn what to reduce, start, and continue doing.
Personalized Practices

Suggestions on what to do, when, and how

Access science-backed practices personalized to your (busy) schedule, lifestyle, and goals. Actionable, most within 5-15 minutes. Your present & future selves will thank you.
Automatic helpful nudges

Feel good throughout your day

Like a GPS, automatically get rerouted towards your personal definition of "feeling good." Friends are alerted to check-in on you. Helpful practices are suggested.
Multiplayer improvement

Encouragement from your friends

Get real-time accountability, support, and encouragement along your journey.
SOMOS handles all the other things for you.

Solo trips

Learn and experiment with what works best for you, sustainably.
Three Good Things
Write down three good things that you are grateful for and why. It could be from today, yesterday, or in the past few weeks. Whether it is small or large, each is wonderful.
< 5 min

Uplift Kit

Access all the things that inspire and motivate you in one place.

Group trips

Work on goals together when you want to. Communal and fun.
Deeper relationships
12 days left
Share two to three values that are important to you. Tell a story, share why, have fun! Add your own spin on it. A safe space.
Progress: 6/8
Frequently Asked Questions

You may be wondering ...

Data Security

Data Privacy & Transparency

We do not sell your data. We use a subset to create a personalized experience.
Your data is secure
Data is personal, therefore it is kept private and secure. It is a high priority and necessary foundation.
Take your data with you
You can export and delete your information. Peace of mind. It is your data and we respect that.
Global Good

Help yourself, help the world

Your activity gets converted towards supporting climate change efforts.
A better you, a better planet. 🌍✨
Keep shining { ... 💛 }